Desktop Application Development


VULPINE uses Microsoft technologies to build software applications.We focus on building stable and strong structural software's with a long-term perspective to ensure easy upgrades as your needs grow.Our approach is very systematic and professional. We clearly understand that to create high quality software, you need to have proper analysis of the client's requirement and business. We do have full cycle software development process, right from product design, application support, maintenance and enhancement.
We do create various sets of documents such as Functional Specifications, HLDD - High Level Design Documents, LLDD - Low Level Design Documents , ER diagrams, Software Design Specifications, SDLC maps, Flowcharts, Test plans, Database Schemas, Process Diagrams, DFD - Dataflow Diagrams, SFD - System Flow Diagrams, Use Cases Diagrams etc. for the better understanding and transparency of client's requirement. 

Here are some of some key features of process that our software application development team follows:

Well planned and documented requirement.
Process-oriented development methodology.
Easy navigation and user friendly.
High standard quality process.
Rigorous testing plans.
Easy installation steps.
Steady maintenance and enhancements.

Desktop-based applications have facilitated enterprises to perform dynamically with easy access to information. These applications are more powerful, persistent and offer better functionality. That’s why there has been an increase in the demand for conversion of most internal enterprise applications to flex applications that are web based. Few of the benefits you get when outsourcing desktop based application development with us are discussed here.

Seamless functionality

We have a team of experts who have hands on experience and expertise in deploying rich internet applications on desktop. Once installed, these applications let you seamlessly download and install desktop applications just like a traditional desktop application.

Platform independence

The desktop based applications are compatible across platforms. Therefore, you can install and run them on multiple OS. The developers working with SynapseIndia have the required skill set and experience to deliver cross platform desktop based applications. This will provide you with the flexibility of using any OS to work with such applications.

Quick to install

The applications we deliver are easy and quick to install. We carry out painstaking efforts to deliver smooth running desktop based application.

Cost effective solutions delivered on time

We offer desktop based application development at a comparatively low cost. However, the quality is what every team member is pledged to deliver. We never believe in skipping the deadlines and thus you can rest assured about the committed date of delivery for your application.Low cost, on time delivery, reliable and scalable applications are few of the many inherent benefits you receive when outsourcing desktop based applications development to us.