Domain Name Registration


A domain name is the name that identifies your website. In reality the name you choose for your site points web surfers to the IP Address of the computer which is storing and serving up your web site.

It's normally easiest to have your web hosting company register your domain when you set up hosting.

The domain name comes in two parts. The actual nameand the identifier at the end (i.e .com) When you register a domain name you are reserving that name for your use. Once you register it then nobody else will be able to use that same name unless you fail to maintain the registration (usually a yearly renewal).

dot com is the most common end to a web site name, but others are available like "dot" net and "dot" org - these are just a little harder for people to remember than "dot" com but dependent on the nature of your site that may be perfectly okay. Worth to bear in mind that if you choose a non "dot" com name because "" is taken - many people may accidentally go to the "" site by mistake ! There are also some exotic endings like ".biz" use one of the domain registration companies below to check for those names.

There are literally thousands of companies that will register a domain name for you.

After you register you domain you must use the domain registration company control panel to point your domain to the name servers of your hosting company. Then your hosting company must add the name of your domain to their domain name server.