Web Hosting


Lets look at the various types of hosting , Please feel free to get in touch with us to inquire further about their prices. 

Types of Hosting

ASP Hosting:

ASP.NET is a dynamic scripting language built for the Windows platform, if ASP is required to make your project a success then be sure to pick a Linux hosting plan from your chosen web hosting provider. The name “ASP” is far from a house hold name, very few people have heard of the term but well known sites like MySpace.com and Monster.com rely on ASP.NET every day.

Blog Hosting:

Blogs are a great way for webmasters to communicate online, thousands of people worldwide use blogging as a means of communicating a message across to the millions of us who use the internet every day. Search engines thrive on blog content and they can deliver hundreds or even thousands of real visitors every day if the content it right.

Budget Hosting:

Not everyone can afford 20000rs to 40,000 rs a year and in such a competitive industry why should we? Web Hosting is now cheaper than ever before and leading web hosts are offering unlimited hosting for as little as rs 1000- 2500 rs a year as standard. Budget hosting nowadays ranges from rs 1000-2500 rs a year. 

Bussiness Hosting:

As a business your online presence can literally make or break you or your company. Online there are thousands of people actively seeking your product or service and if you do not act fast, somebody else may be steeling your business. Business hosting should be secure and reliable, you do not want to wait a long time for your pages to load and if an issue arises you need to be able to speak with someone at any time of the day or night.

Cheap Hosting:

Web hosting can set you back between Rs 1000 and rs 30,000+ per year depending on your requirements. For those who know where to look, cheap web hosting should cost you no more than Rs 1000 each year. If you are paying more than Rs 2000 a year for your hosting, you may want to see what other offers exist out there.

Ecommerce Hosting:

If you are selling a product or service online then being E-commerce ready is essential. From taking orders online to processing credit card payments, a good E-commerce host should be able to do all this and more. Setting up an E-commerce site isn't difficult these days, most hosts include everything you need inside your control panel such as shopping carts, quick start guides and video tutorials.

Email Hosting:

Virtually everyone who uses the internet has access to an email address these days. When you purchase your a domain name you will be able to use your own email address to send and receive email for business or pleasure. A real email address adds instant credibility to your name, if you are running a profitable business then it's absolutely essential to set up your own email address

Form Hosting:

A forum hosting provider puts a special emphasis on supporting the most popular forum applications, along with offering all the other services of a typical hosting company. Forum-focused hosts usually provide a variety of services to make it easy to install and run an online forum, including forum upgrades and easy installation of add-ons for forum administrators. They also support a wide range of forum scripts, including phpBB, SMF, IPB and vBulletin. Other popular forum scripts include Invision Power Board, Ikonboard, YaBB, XMB, Snitz and Ultimate Bulletin Board.

Green Hosting:

Web Hosting is an industry where the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV let alone the data centre where the server is located. Data centers can consume on average as much electricity as 30,000 households alone! In the last 12 months most web hosting providers have gone green and we are sure more will soon follow suit.

Linux Hosting:

Linux is the most popular operating system which sets the standard for reliability, power and low price. Linux is suitable for Perl or PHP programming and MYSQL database.

My SQL Hosting:

MySQL Databases are usually used by advanced programmers but are also required when running Wordpress or PHPBB for example. If you have never heard of MySQL before then it is nothing to worry about.

PHP Hosting:

PHP is another scripting language used by professionals worldwide to build powerful web applications on the internet. Applications like Wordpress and Joomla both run off PHP and if your hosting service isn't compatible then you may be limited with what you can do.

Windows Hosting:

Windows web hosting is often confused with the computer operating system Windows XP or Vista. These two systems are very different and many people assume that because their computer runs of the Windows operating system then they would need Windows hosting. This is far from the truth, in reality these types of people would need Linux hosting which is far more user friendly and much cheaper as a service.

Wordpress Hosting

This is another form of hosting on linux servers which is quite cheap and reliable content management system.