Project Training


Training Quality

Good training happens when the participants are committed and the trainer is passionate about the subject. Great training happens when you are stimulated and challenged to go beyond your current frame of thinking and create a new reality about the subject. We at VULPINE always strive for the best. The curriculum and course material and of VULPINE has been prepared after an intensive research and study so that it can be easily grasped by the students of all levels.

The Institute:

VULPINE provides a highly conducive and congenial environment to facilitate the process of learning. A state-of-art infrastructure and latest amenities are offered by the institute for better concentration and learning. The general atmosphere of the institute is highly comfortable and encouraging to inspire for striving higher. The Institute provides all the equipments to make the Teaching-learning process more motivating.

Counselling Section:

We give proper guidance and counselling to the aspirants who wish to pursue a career in Information and Technology in India. During the counselling session we try to understand the candidate’s requirements and suggest them the courses according to their profile. So, that they can easily commence the course and move ahead.

Free Demo Classes:

We provide every student a chance to sit free for initial two classes along with every course, So that a student can judge his comfort level with the subject. We have well-defined course outline which is topical and updated. We have prepared a complete schedule of the training. We always take care that we can maintain simplicity in the training material. You are welcome to attend FREE DEMO CLASSES at any of our Centres.


We believe that curriculum should have all the things which are Necessary to enter the IT Industry. The educational material is simple, precise, easy to understand and practical. It has been designed in such a way that even an average student can utilize it and matchup to the current industry requirements. The qualitative ingredients will surely enlighten your mental faculties.


We at VULPINE have only Experienced Working Professionals as our faculties so that they can share their expertise with the student and students will get benefited too. We very much understand the Industry as well as the students current requirement. A student can have the industry experience while studying in the Institute only. The Faculties keep on updating themselves. The benefits of learning are quantified through unique and latest techniques.


Performance Evaluation:

The performance of every student is examined regularly. A separate dossier is maintained for each student. The shortcomings and strengths are meticulously recorded and the student is counselled to perform accordingly. Internal assessment tests are being conducted accordingly so that student can know where they are lacking and how they can improve their performance. This is one area where we ensure strict participation of students and reveal their level of preparation through scrutiny.