WEB Maintenance



Website maintenance is the largest part of our customer service work - done behindthe scenes to help keep your site online and up to date with quick turn aroundtimeand reliable, discreet service. We can coordinate all of your web services includingmaintenance, hosting & domain services!

Some small businesses and companies can't afford to have a trained, full-time personon staff to make changes and updates to their website once a month. Mirror Imagescan provide maintenance services for your business website, at an affordable rate,as needed.

Contracted services give you or your company a lower rate and priority service.Turn-around time on basic changes or updates is 24-48 hours, and in most cases thework is done the same day! Sites not hosted on our servers will have a slightlyhigher rate for maintenance.

Available Maintenance Services in VULPINE

Monthly Maintenance:

We created a monthly maintenance and support package designed to cover all levelsof need. Our support solution will ensure that your website content is up to datewithout lifting a finger. Regular updates made to your content will keep your sitelooking fresh and will ultimately help in maintaining high website rankings. Prioritystatus on all works, further development works, a monthly review of your site toensure all links are working and all images can be viewed, Technical support viaemail or phone during office hours, an hour’s work on your website per month. 24/7Website monitoring. For more complex needs we can create a specific tailored supportsolution.

Site Annual Maintenance:

you are having a web project to be maintained on annual basis. If you are lookingfor the company that can be the back bone of your website; a company that respondspromptly to your calls, e-mails and other forms of communication; a company thataccepts responsibility for the maintenance your website or success of your project.If so, then you have landed in the right place! Almost every website needs maintenanceto keep up with the pace of the industry. And we help our clients by assisting themon this subject. Website maintenance is not limited to only any specific type ofsite. It can be done for Static HTML website or a full-fledged e-commerce portal.It not only helps to improve the SEO ranking but also helps in increasing the numberof visitors.
Annual website maintenance contracts are a cost-effective way to keep your websiteup-to-date, fresh and effective.
If you already have a website and find it hard to maintain it yourself, we are atyour help! We take utmost care and time to maintain your website. Maintenance includesupdating your website, adding new pages, deleting unwanted content, keeping thedesign matched with the vision etc.

Server Maintenance:

VULPINE perform general Web server maintenance to back up and restore your data,analyze Web logs, enhance security, ensure the availability of your retail Web site.Server Maintenance can be a demanding task often requiring someone being on callto assist in case of website or server downtime. Centers will provide hardware relatedsupport for non-configuration related queries, with additional support followingwhich often being charged at very high rates. A well maintained server only requiresminimal maintenance to reduce downtime and ensure high levels of availability. Athorough understanding of each component utilized is required to run a successfulwebsite and associated services on a dedicated server.

Web App Maintenance:

Web Application Maintenance Services are the professional, cost-effective solutionfor maintaining your web site, database, intranet, or extranet. We provide ongoingmaintenance services for websites that we develop as well as existing Web sites.Web Application Maintenance can include, Database Administration, Maintenance Servicesand Optimization, New features or pages added to the site, Server management andManaged services and hosting. Our Web Application Maintenance Services to ensurethat you concentrate on your business while we ensure that your technology solutionsare in tune with your business requirements.