Web Security Training



The growth of the Internet and the wide-spread use of computer networks have brought great benefits to businesses. At the same time they have opened up business systems to remote hacking from employees through to anonymous crackers at the other side of the world.

The related growth in network applications has increased the complexity and consequently the vulnerability of networked systems.

Whilst techniques to secure network systems exist they are many and complex. This course gives the attendee a good understanding of network security risks and the appropriate techniques that can be used to reduce and control those risks.

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Some highlights of the course content include:

. Exploiting SQL injection using second-order attacks, filter bypasses, query chaining and fully blind exploitation;

. Breaking authentication and access control mechanisms;

. Reverse engineering Java, Flash and Silverlight to bypass client-side controls;

. Exploiting cross-site scripting to log keystrokes, port scan the victim’s computer and network, and execute custom payloads;

. Exploiting LDAP, XPath and command injection; and

. Uncovering common logic flaws found in web applications.